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Article: The Love Love Life - from idea to implementation

The Love Love Life - od pomysłu do realizacji

The Love Love Life - from idea to implementation

The Love Love Life was created very spontaneously. And although it was completely unexpected, it is a great experience for us and a dream, perfect job for which we are grateful.  It couldn't be otherwise - clothes and sports are our passion, so we wanted to combine them somehow. We have been friends for many years and we knew then that we would work well together, so we decided to try. From the very beginning, we assumed that this work would be a teaser for us, we would like it and we would not allow ourselves to be stressed, low quality and half-measures. That is why, from the very beginning, we focus on quality and workmanship, and we make sure that our clients are served in the best possible way. Our goal is to create a brand with clothes that we want to wear ourselves. A brand that is good for people and the environment. Creating The Love Love Life gives us a lot of joy, and that's what life is all about! We want to share this joy with our clients, because we know that they are girls just like us - full of passion, who love life very much and squeeze every drop of it, until the last one! We want to create for strong women who do not dream, but make their dreams come true! Women who know that everything is possible!

Clothes are our passion

What makes us stand out?

Quality, quality, quality!

When the brand was created, it was clear to us that our clothes had to be perfect. It's safe to say we're crazy about this. We want to make things for conscious consumers and create what we would like to wear ourselves. Quality is what we value the most. We focus on good workmanship, we do not accept mediocrity, protruding threads, crooked sewing... We take care of every detail, even the smallest button. Everything is refined.

Capsule collections

We create small capsule collections that allow us to sell items at any time we choose. We are not limited by binding production and sales dates. We only sell clothes when they are perfectly cared for down to the last thread. We want the clothes from each capsule to be able to be matched to the clothes from the previous and subsequent capsules. The number of models is limited. We don't want to overproduce clothes.

Our knitwear

We use knitted fabrics that have a diagonal weave. This weave strengthens the fabric. It makes it much more resistant to external factors. Knitted fabrics are made of cotton with an admixture of polyester or elastane. We avoid artificial fibers, but a small amount of polyester or elastane prevents the fabric from sticking out on the knees or elbows. It makes the material more durable and looks better after washing. Our clothes can be worn and used for a very long time and they will still look just as good.

Softening processes

Each piece of clothing is subjected to special washing processes. We use softening laundry, which means that the knitwear will no longer shrink after washing at home. Moreover, this process also prevents excessive pilling of the knitted fabric. The Love Love Life clothes are often subjected to special aging processes - we give them a vintage-style wash effect and special wear on the edges. In our opinion, it looks great, adds originality, nonchalance and extravagance!

Our sweaters

We have been working for a long time to ensure that The Love Love Life sweaters have the perfect yarn, styles and weaves. We import our yarn from Italy. Our favorite in Cloud sweaters - it has colorful noobs woven into the base yarn. We also often use merino wool. Sometimes we also add a delicate admixture of artificial fibers to sweaters to strengthen their resistance to stretching, so that they retain their original shape and form for as long as possible. Girls, don't worry about the fact that sweaters sometimes pill. The rule of thumb is that the more natural the fiber, the more likely it is to pill slightly. It's easy to get rid of these pills using a clothes shaver. We do this with our sweaters and we wear them for a really long time.

Local production

Our love for Bielsko-Biała is reflected in the number of producers we cooperate with, because most of them are from here and the remaining producers are from the vicinity of Łódź. In Poland, we produce everything - from knitted fabrics made to our special order, through fabrics, to buttons, tags and other small accessories. Sometimes we import fabrics from other European countries, for example Italy, Portugal or France.