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About us

Our story

For the love of life

The Love Love Life is a praise of life to the fullest. A breast full of passion, adventures and feminine flair. The project was created during one of our ski tours, somewhere between Hala Kondratowa and Kasprowy Wierch. We felt that the power of endorphins and fatigue allowed us to move mountains. Literally and figuratively. Living what you love the most is the best investment in your own development. At The Love Love Life, we want to share this feeling with you.

Our mission

Together we can be rebellious, inspire each other and give each other self-confidence. We believe in the power of girls and that "sky is the limit".

From the beginning

Selfcare journeys

It all started with them, but it was only a matter of time before the clothes appeared in The Love Love Life . We do not intend to promise you regular collections or endless additions. We create things that we would wear ourselves, guided by intuition and functionality; made of natural, soft materials in the colors of nature, additionally washed or aged, and above all, super soft and comfortable. The ones that will stay with you for a long time.

1/2 The Love Love Life


Nothing is impossible for this woman! When someone says something is impossible, she will quickly prove it is not true. It's hard to keep up with Kama, she's not afraid of last-minute changes, her head is full of new ideas and creativity knows no bounds. The design department he heads is teeming with life! In the apparent chaos of many concepts, samples of materials, notes and drawings, Kama finds his order in which our clothing collections are born. For Kama, the most important thing is quality and workmanship, she creates things that she likes to wear. He also deals with social media and answers all your questions on Instagram.

1/2 The Love Love Life


Mistress of organization. Every day he struggles with a million things to do. It covers the entire office, online store, accounting and the organization of our wonderful trips. She manages to finalize all topics. There's a reason he's the brains behind all our projects. He can turn any craziest idea into reality. Sometimes we don't know where it gets so much energy from! Remember - there are no jokes with Lucyna! What he decides, he will do! The Love Love Life couldn't exist without her!

And what else?

We love to live and be

We recharge our batteries by going wild on boards, ski touring, catching waves or flying with the wind. We calm down and look deeper into ourselves by practicing yoga. We pamper ourselves with delicious and healthy food, take care of ourselves and give ourselves the best. The most important love is self love. It allows us to be better for the world and others and have a great time at the same time. We believe that it is worth living according to your own rules and values. Don't be afraid to go through life with your head held high and a smile.

Kama & Lucy