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Article: Who knows Outheres Home blankets?

Kto zna koce Outheres Home?

Who knows Outheres Home blankets?

This is the first post in this series, which we have not named yet, but it will appear here from time to time and describe the characters of various wonderful and inspiring women around me and their ideas for life, businesses, lifestyle and teasers. There are quite a lot of these ladies, so we have topics for years to come!

First up (this is a good word in the context of the photos we managed to take during our last photo session) is Agata, whom you may recognize from my Instagram because she does photo sessions for us and not only that, but also as the owner of the brand Outheres Home , offering the most beautiful and warmest wool blankets ever!

Agata and I met... during a recruitment interview for the position of graphic designer at Femi Pleasure 10 years ago! So we worked together for quite a long time, day after day in one office in Warsaw's Powiśle. However, when working together fell to waste (that's a separate story), I moved to Zakopane for a short time and Agata exchanged Warsaw for a quieter life closer to nature, in my second home, Bielsko-Biała. Literally overnight, without any plan, without any "recorded work", she decided to change something. And how I like that about us women! It's a risk in making life decisions to pursue your own happiness and peace! A year later , Outheres Home was created.

Where did the idea for such a brand come from? Apparently Agata hears this question often because although clothing brands have been springing up like mushrooms in recent years, in 2020 no one has heard of a blanket brand. What for? For what? Will there be a market for it? Why blankets? Let's ask the source:

Yes, at the beginning of my adventure with the brand, that was the only thing people were interested in: why blankets? When I asked this question, I heard skepticism in my voice and a lack of faith that such a product was worth interest at all. I responded with a question: "Do you know any brand with nice blankets?" :) Exactly. Moreover, there was a force of attraction here: Bielsko, where I moved, was once called the woolen city. It was famous for its textile industry, producing all kinds of woolen products, from cloth for highlander costumes to elegant suit fabrics. This legacy can be seen at every step in this city - the Weaver's House, the Textile Workers' Culture House, museums devoted to the history of textiles and the remains of factories. It somehow appealed to me, and I love chilling with tea under a blanket, and autumn is my favorite season. This product is me! :)

I am the owner of a blanket from the Soft Wool series, i.e. the one that is, ATTENTION, hand-fringed! These blankets are woven locally, on an almost 100-year-old loom according to traditional methods, by a master weaver. Such a blanket is worth attention, if only to maintain this weaving tradition in our region (Podbeskidzie) for as long as possible. And it was also this blanket I was wearing during the last session. I must admit that it fit perfectly!

Available here: Summer blanket

Blankets and what next?

Sales started in April 2021, so I still consider myself a new, young brand and we are constantly developing. I have very ambitious plans and we are slowly implementing them, although at the moment my goal is for everyone to have at least one good woolen blanket in their home, we are still expanding the range to include more home textiles. At the moment we have children's blankets and pillows available, and in the future we are planning bedspreads, beach blankets and towels.

Our Instagram: @outhereshome