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Article: The Love Love Life down jackets

Kurtki puchowe The Love Love Life

The Love Love Life down jackets

Hi! This is Kama. If you follow my Instagram, you already know a lot about me. For example, the fact that I wear tracksuits everywhere, I like massages at 6 a.m., I only eat yogurts from one favorite company, I have my own "shoe dealer", and when it comes to the production of clothes, there are no compromises! I won't be satisfied with half-measures, whether it's a tracksuit or more complicated topics, such as down jackets. That's why, already at the design stage, I ask myself (to myself and our beloved Ruta, of course): Who will produce this for us?

Women's down jacket of the highest quality.

This task faced us during the winter season. It's supposed to be warm!

Our down jackets and vests are made for us by the Polish company Małachowski, specializing in down products. used for mountain climbing, such as sleeping bags and jackets. So they know their stuff. Especially since the company has been on the market since 1977 and was founded by Adam Małachowski, a speleologist, and the studio co-organized scientific polar expeditions to Spitsbergen, aimed at pioneering exploration of glacial caves. Most of the participants in these trips were clients of the Małachowski studio.

Our jackets are distinguished by the high quality of down.

The highest quality natural Polish goose down FP 750 cuin was used to produce our Mino jacket, which has the appropriate certificates and is obtained ethically. And most importantly, the jacket provides incredible thermal insulation. The geese whose down we use are bred in a welfare manner in accordance with applicable law. 

If you are wondering which down jacket to choose

Our Mino is certainly at the forefront when it comes to downproof outer material with the OEKO-TEX certificate. It also has SOFIGUARD® waterproof impregnation - a polymer coating that increases the tension on the fabric surface and facilitates water flow, provides a hydrophobic effect, thanks to which water drops flow off the surface of the jacket. The fabric breathes - microfiber yarn removes water vapor thanks to capillary absorption.

More features of the Mino down jacket:

- Modern self-quilting technology, digital machines are used for production,

- High stand-up collar and a large, comfortable hood that prevents heat from escaping,

- Drawstring at the waist and at the bottom of the jacket to conveniently change the shape of the jacket, give it a slightly different shape according to your taste, 

- Fastening with a solid two-way zipper,

- Two front zippered pockets,

- Inner pocket,

- Leather zipper pullers from the best manufacturer, YKK,

If you are looking for a good quality down jacket

for years and you don't know which jacket to choose for winter, Mino is a definite classic and timeless - warming, lightness, high quality down, perfect cut with the possibility of adaptation. And on top of all the technical information, the best thing about the Mino jacket is that it is CHOCOLATE in color!