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Article: The 2nd Lap - an initiative we want to support!

The 2nd Lap - inicjatywa, którą chcemy wspierać!

The 2nd Lap - an initiative we want to support!

Have you ever wondered what happens to our clothes that, for various reasons, are not sold regularly?

Unfortunately, the constantly increasing production of inexpensive clothes made of low-quality materials poses an increasing threat to our environment.  Have you heard that every year as many as 92 million tons of used or never-worn things end up in huge landfills? So every second a truck full of clothes arrives there. It's hard to imagine! And although it seems to be a drop in the ocean, a solution with huge potential is the second circulation , a concept that is becoming more and more popular and in the development of which we are very committed.

But let's start from the beginning. Meet Beata (Beti for her friends):


I met Beata about 20 years ago, when I moved to Bielsko-Biała, and already then I was trying to find new owners for my private clothes, which I no longer wore, and I don't remember exactly how it happened, but she was the one who took care of selling them on popular sales platforms at that time. In those days, the sale of used clothes and second-hand stores were not as popular as they are today, but the items on display sold quite well.

When I moved to Warsaw, our paths diverged for many years, and when I moved back to Bielsko, we returned to the starting point and together we started introducing The Love Love Life clothes into circulation.

More and more often, it is also the first circulation, because unfortunately not every "new" item is suitable for sale in our store. It also happens that brand new products have some shortcomings and most often, forgotten, end up in a warehouse somewhere. And this is where the idea came to give such clothes a chance too. First, an Instagram profile was created, and then The 2nd Lap online store supporting the idea of ​​circular fashion, which reduces the waste of clothes and extends their life.

The 2nd Lap aims to put into circulation high-quality clothing that, for various reasons, can no longer be sold regularly. You will find there, among others, used items, also new items, items from liquidation stores, samples, patterns, clothes with minor defects, after photo sessions, after complaints and much more.

"Good quality" should not end up in the garbage container, but should serve us as long as possible, which is why we try together to reduce the amount of textile waste to help our planet at least a little.

The 2nd Lap website: