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Article: We created the perfect sweater!

Stworzyłyśmy sweter idealny!

We created the perfect sweater!

It's time for a sweater that is not determined by trends or seasons, i.e. the woolen and soft Cloud sweater. It has stolen your hearts, and we love giving it to you in newer colors with each drop.

Kama and Lucy love oversize clothes and it was hard for them to find a sweater that would meet their (let's be honest: excessive) expectations, so they created one for themselves. When it comes to the style, our Cloud sweater has a strongly dropped shoulder line, long sleeves and simply fits every figure perfectly. However, for an oversize, it is quite short and this is intentional so that the sweater does not overwhelm with its size. We feel sexy in this style!  Even when we wear it with sweatpants :) Nonchalance, comfort, timelessness, ease...girls you know it. Tested firsthand by The Love Love Life team.

How is the Cloud sweater made?

Kama opens the catalog with our iconic yarn and says "OMG, this color is beautiful, we're making it!". He orders yarn from Italy, which goes straight to the Polish knitting factory, then we soften it in a special process and it's ready!

It sounds beautiful, light, easy and pleasant, although in reality it is a really long and quite complicated process that begins an equally long decision-making process called: "which color should I choose?!".

Oh, but when it's finally ready, first we admire it, then the photographer, then all our friends, then you, seeing our photos on Insta, and finally the Cloud sweater ends up in your closet. And then another color... and another, and another. There's nothing we can do about it. We created the perfect sweater.

And when you look at the yarn up close...

The nobs add character. So what? Single strands of yarn in different colors. When you look at the Cloud Plum sweater from a distance you see purple, but when you look closer you will notice pink, red and even yellow colors.

Like our Cloud Red sweater, it appears to be all red and you can see the yellow threads of yarn in it. He truly amazed us  and you have the Cloud Green Ocean Green sweater. It might seem like a green sweater, but it's actually a combination of different green, blue, and yellow sweaters. SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL!

If you're looking for the perfect sweater, you've found it!